‘Beauty And The Beast’ Cast Reveal Insider Info On How They Made The Film

We’re exactly one month away from Disney’s Beauty and the Beast returning to theatres to delight old fans and inspire a new generation of movie goers. It’s safe to say the upcoming film has piqued interest in fans, with the first trailer breaking the record for most views on YouTube in 24 hours. Beauty and the Beast fever is spreading globally, with a tea shop in London creating a new Beauty and the Beast themed tea hour.

Turning the animated classic into a live action film is no small feat, and this week the Disney cameras and the incredible cast and crew of Beauty and the Beast are giving fans a glimpse into how they’re reinvigorating a tale as old as time.

In the BTS video shared by Entertainment Weekly, the cast of Beauty and the Beast, including Emma Watson, Dan Stevens, Josh Gad, Luke Evans, Ewan McGregor, Gugu Mbatha-Raw and Sir Ian McKellen sat down to share their feelings on the film and what to expect. Here are five things we learned.


1. Emma Watson has been researching Belle since childhood. “I have loved Beauty and the Beast since I was 4 years-old,” says Watson.

2. Dan Stevens probably had his lines memorized before he was even cast. “I know that I’ve seen it hundreds of times and now that I have kids of my own, probably thousands,” says Stevens.

3. Director Bill Condon reveals why he wanted to remake a ‘perfect’ movie. “To distinguish Belle again, 25 years later, as a 21st Century heroine.”

4. Josh Gad reveals that the cast knew how high the stakes were for the film. “It was something that we knew we all had to live up to,” says Gad.

5. Luke Evans knows that the soundtrack is one of the most important features of the film. “The songs are very powerful. They arouse emotion and carry you along,” says Evans.

The final trailer for Beauty and the Beast, which hits theatres on March 17, dropped in January and featured the new theme song performed by Ariana Grande and John Legend. The song was later released in full on February 3.

Although Grande and Legend have taken over the singing duties for the famous theme song, Canadian superstar Celine Dion will still be returning to the Beauty and the Beast franchise. Dion will be reunited with Alan Menken, as well as Oscar-winning lyricist Tim Rice for the new original song, “How Does A Moment Last Forever.”

In addition to Dion’s “How Does A Moment Last Forever,” the upcoming remake will include a performance of another original song from Downton Abbey star Dan Stevens.

Beauty and the Beast hits theatres on March 17.