Catching Up With Some Of Nathan For You’s Most Famous Participants


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After three seasons of television dedicated to helping America’s small businesses succeed using highly experimental and innovative marketing techniques, Nathan Fielder must be exhausted. We didn’t see anybody crowdfunding him a new bed and pillows so we were concerned for his well-being until news broke that there would be a celebratory episode called “Nathan For You: A Celebration” ahead of the season four premiere.

To us, this sounded like the perfect opportunity for Nathan to relax and enjoy the body of work he has created, but more importantly celebrate all the people he has helped along the way by checking up on how they are doing.

Since the one-hour special hasn’t been novelized yet, we’ll do the next best thing and type out a summary of each person who was revisited.


Anthony Napoli, Host of The Hunk (Season 1)

There’s no better person to helm the special than Anthony Napoli who hosted Nathan’s fake reality dating show called The Hunk.  According to Napoli, people keep phoning and emailing him about the threesome he claimed to have had because Nathan told everyone it was with two guys.  Napoli uses this opportunity to set the record straight: the threesome was actually with two women, and not just two unrelated women but a mother/daughter combo. At the end of the episode Nathan surprises Napoli with fifteen seconds of free air time to promote himself where we learn the affable host also has something to do with a coffee roasting business.

Sue Stanford,
The Ghost Realtor (Season 2)

Who can forget Sue Stanford, the real estate agent who Nathan tried to help by rebranding her as the “Ghost Realtor”? In her infamous episode Sue described her experience with a Swiss ghost who choked her, then got exorcised by a professional. Thanks to Nathan, Sue has retained the “Ghost Realtor” moniker and has even created a reality TV pilot about her business. In sad news, the big psychic named Ron who could talk to ghosts passed away so Sue got a new psychic named Josh. In the most chilling moment from the special, Josh communicates with Ron, allowing Nathan to ask the dead man if he ever found out OJ’s real killer in the afterlife. Relayed by Josh, Ron says he does indeed know but fails to provide a specific name.

Kyle Heights, Graffiti Teen (Season 1)

Nathan tried to help this troubled teen who got ensnared in a trap set up to catch rude graffiti artists. It’s wonderful seeing the teen today doing fine and making a living selling discount vape pens door-to-door while enjoying a stable relationship with his soulmate. But when Nathan realizes Heights isn’t the salesman he purports to be, the show steps in and offers to remove the boy’s tattoos to make him appear more businesslike. Heights is not fond of the idea but compromises by agreeing to remove the breasts and possible vagina from the image of the nude lady on his wrist.

Brian Wolfe, Private Investigator (Seasons 1, 2 and 3)

Wolfe is arguably the breakout star of the show, having appeared in all three seasons and even getting his own reality show thanks to his newfound fame. In season three Nathan was troubled by the revelation that Wolfe had once posed nude for Playgirl magazine, so he used the special to do some investigating of his own and get a clearer picture of the private investigator’s past. He found Wolfe used to operate under the pseudonym, “Kory Wolfe” back in the 80s and was essentially a full blown porn star, which Wolfe initially denies. But, unable to refute the evidence Wolfe admits to his past and even opens up about his glory days and the ins and outs of posing nude, including details on proper penis hardness.

Solomon Flores, Nathan For You Production Assistant (Seasons 1 and 2)

Solomon joins Anthony Napoli for an exclusive interview and fills him on what happens behind the scenes, which is a lot of moving lights and equipment around.

Corey Calderwood, The Hero (Season 3)

Nathan’s effort to turn a regular guy into a hero is perhaps his biggest feat to date. Nathan Nation was anxious to find out what happened to Corey Calderwood whose somewhat pathetic life was vastly improved thanks to Nathan assuming his identity and turning him into a true hero complete with girlfriend and tightrope walking skills. Nowadays Corey lives in Fresno with two friends and is dating a woman named Lily who he loves to hang out and play video games with. Unfortunately he had broken up with Jasmine, the woman Nathan expertly reeled in for him, largely due to the fact their relationship was started atop a web of lies.

Thanks for reading this and for watching Nathan For You. Tune into Much next Thursday at 10e/7p for the season four premiere!