Celebrate Jaden Smith’s Birthday With 18 Of His Best Twitter Moments

jaden smith header

Jaden Smith has had a good year so far. He released two new singles and has continued to heighten his ever growing star power. Still one of our favourite things about Jaden is his perspective on this crazy thing we call life. He’s just got this way of putting things in a way that is so, well, uhh…interesting. But we’re sure we don’t have to tell you that. The best way to describe what we mean is to show you and what better way to do that than through his infamous tweets.

So, without further ado, we bring you the best tweets of Jaden Smith. Oh, and happy 17th birthday, Jaden!

1. #LivingIsBetterAnyway

2. Valid Question

3. Wait so how old does that make us?!

4. What about your feet, do those help?

5. Time makes fools of us all buddy.

6. And we’ve all been down it waaay too many times.

7. That one is actually a fact.

8. Oh boy..

9. So does that mean it WASN’T white and gold?!

10. We would too.

11. Here we go.

12. Aaaaaand there it is.

13. Totaaally.

14.Good point, good point.

15. Is there a Rosetta Stone for that?

16. Isn’t that the rule for every album?

17. Woah, that’s a pretty cool way to describe a picnic.

18. Uhmm up? No wait five?… Wait what??