Celebrate Rihanna’s Birthday By Looking Back At Her 27 Best Moments


Fri, February, 20 by

Today, we celebrate the birthday of the one and only Rihanna. Happy birthday, Riri! To celebrate this momentous day, we have taken a look back at her 27 best moments in the past decade. From #FlashbackFriday moments at Much to her most recent iconic performances, we dug up some classic Rihanna moments for you to relive!

1. Rihanna’s very first single, Pon de Replay
Can you believe this was 10 years ago?! 17-year-old Riri was killin’ it.

2. Much hearts Riri
In her early years of success, Rihanna visited the Much HQ many times and we’ve shared lots of great moments with her including this great interview on MOD back in 2007!

3. Ella-ella-ella-eh-eh!
Rihanna has had many hits throughout her decade-long career and Umbrella, off of 2007’s Good Girl Gone Bad, may go down in history as one of Rihanna’s biggest hits. She basically revolutionized the way we heard and said the word “umbrella” and just like Beyoncé’s “surfbort”, it’s a whole other level of feats to affect the English dictionary this way.

4. Rihanna at the 2008 MMVAs
We were also lucky to have Rihanna perform at the 2008 MMVAs!

5. Don’t Stop The Music
Like, ever. Please don’t ever stop, Riri.

6. What’s My Name, Drizzy?
Ugh, the relationship that we will forever pray for but we secretly know will never happen.

7. Rihanna and Britney Spears team up at the Billboard Music Awards
Two former “good girls” gone bad together onstage, this was a highlight in pop princess history.

8. Only Girl (In The World)
Red-haired Rihanna will always be one of our favourite Rihanna phases…

9. You Da One
…As well as every other hairstyle. Seriously, we don’t think Rihanna has ever had a bad hairdo and she’s pretty much tried it all. Now that’s what we call flawless!

10. Birthday Cake
Yes, the controversial remix of this track features Rihanna’s ex, Chris Brown, but that aside, it’s an incredibly underrated song in Rihanna’s discography.

11. Rihanna found love with Calvin Harris
Not literally, of course. We’re just talking about their 2011 collaboration on We Found Love, which is not only one of Rihanna and Calvin Harris’ best songs, but also one of the best pop songs in the past decade. And yes, we’d happily argue this anytime. This song is the definition of a banger.

12. Ronnie & Clyde
Rihanna hasn’t done much acting (remember Battleship?), but this amazing Saturday Night Live short combines Rihanna’s acting chops with her singing skills into a classic Lonely Island hit.

13. Rihanna shines bright like a diamond
Diamonds is, hands down, one of Rihanna’s biggest and best songs. Every time she performs the song, we get a chill down our spines and we fall in love with her all over again. A big shout out obviously goes out to the track’s songwriter too: Sia!

14. Rihanna’s famous tats
Of all of Rihanna’s famous tattoos, the Egyptian goddess under her chest is her most recognizable piece. Rihanna got this done in 2012 to honour her late grandmother and it’s a beautiful tat.

15. Flying with Nicki Minaj
Two of the world’s most powerful female artists together, we literally couldn’t handle all the jelly in this collab.

16. All Of The Lights
Speaking of powerful collabs, never forget this banger.

17. Rihanna’s BFF (best female friendship) with Katy Perry
Even though it appears the two have had their ups and downs, Riri and Katy have always been one of our fave power friendships in music. Every time the two are spotted next to each other at an award show, our hearts just flutter with absolute joy.

18. Stay with Mikky Ekko
As much as we love badass Riri, we’re also the biggest sucker for the star’s tearjerker ballads. In 2012, she teamed up with up-and-comer Mikky Ekko for the stunning duet, Stay, which we totally still ugly cry to.

19. Pour It Up
Bow down to the queen of twerking.

20. We Can’t Remember To Forget this great collaboration
Rihanna has done quite a few collaborations, but last year’s collab with Shakira might be one of the most memorable. Can’t Remember To Forget You is one of the sexiest collaborations Rihanna has ever done and that music video still blows us away every time we watch it.

21. When Rihanna was given the Style Icon Award
We’ve known for years that Rihanna is a style icon, but last year she was officially given the prestigious title at the CFDA Fashion Awards by none other than fashion boss, Anna Wintour. And in true Rihanna fashion, the pop star received the award wearing a sparkling, jaw-dropping see-through Adam Selman dress. Only Rihanna can pull off a look like that and she was truly shining bright like a diamond that night.

22. Rihanna teaches Jim Parsons how to take a selfie
Rihanna is the queen of Instagram and that unfortunate period where she deactivated her account was the darkest timeline known to the internet. But thankfully, she returned last year and even gave her Home co-star Jim Parsons some selfie tips. Look, even if she’s not a good teacher, we’d kill to get some Instagram lessons from her.

23. Rihanna for President

24. Rihanna for James Bond
Her rendition of Pour It Up at last year’s Diamond Ball featured a full orchestra and we just couldn’t help but think that it would be the perfect James Bond theme song. Seriously, check it out below and tell us what you think!

25. Rihanna’s princess moment at the Grammys
This year, Rihanna showed up at the Grammys wearing a giant pink Giambattista Valli dress that viewers either loved or hated. We friggin’ loved every moment of it. Rihanna is a true style chameleon and while she can pull of scandalous, revealing looks, her princess gown moment this year will definitely go down in Grammy fashion history.

26. FourFiveSeconds
Praise the music lords in 2015 for bringing back Rihanna. Even better, she’s not alone on her new single, she’s standing her ground next to two other musical icons, Kanye West and Paul McCartney. It took us a minute to really get into this track, but now it has practically become a new classic. I mean, just look at their mind-blowing performance at this year’s Grammys!

27. Jaws starring Rihanna
Rihanna graced the cover of Bazaar recently in the mouth of a shark, sparking an incredible string of memes. But memes aside, this cover is going to be iconic, just like everything else Rihanna does.

BONUS: Girlhood
This year, a French film called Girlhood (no, it has nothing to do with Boyhood) came out and it’s already being noted as one of the best coming-of-age stories in recent years. One of the film’s best moments pays a very beautiful tribute to female friendship and Rihanna when four friends spend a night in singing their hearts out to Diamonds. This scene alone should convince you to see this amazing film.