Celebrate Veterans And Active Members With This Remembrance Day Playlist

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To celebrate our veterans and active members on Remembrance Day, we’re taking a look at songs and music videos that have paid homage to those who have risked their lives for our freedoms.

So It Goes, Hollerado

Hollerado front man Menno Versteeg uses the band’s video for So It Goes to tell the incredible story of his grandfather during World War II. After being saved by an enemy soldier, Versteeg’s grandfather is able to return the favour later and keep the soldier alive following the end of the war. Thanks to the courageous acts of these two men, Versteeg and the other soldier’s grandson, who he meets in the video, are alive today.

Ours, Taylor Swift

Taylor Swift’s 2011 video Ours offers a glimpse into the life of couples who must try to continue on with their daily lives while partners are away in combat.

Wake Me Up When September Ends, Green Day

In the simplest terms, Green Day’s Wake Me Up When September Ends can be easily compared in subject matter to Swift’s Ours. But the punk trio’s look at the effects of the Iraq war on one American couple takes a much darker and more realistic look at the realities of loved ones separated by military service and war.

Highway of Heroes, The Trews

Canadian rock band The Trews honoured Canada’s fallen soldiers with a song about the famous route of the same name.

The Ghost of You, My Chemical Romance

My Chemical Romance recreate the devastating Omaha attack of 1944 in their powerful video for The Ghost Of You. Starting the video at a D Day dance, members of the band go from happy times to death and despair on the beach of Normandy, showing a snapshot of the horror and death that made up the famous WWII event.

Thinking of You, Katy Perry

Katy Perry plays a wartime widow trying to move on after losing her husband in the 1940s-themed video for Thinking of You. Perry is shown remembering happier times before the second World War and later living through emotional devastation her character must deal with after the war.

Part Of Me, Katy Perry

In a very different war-themed video, Perry plays a woman who gains strength after enlisting in the US Marine Corps. Shot at the USMC Camp Pendleton in California, Perry gains her confidence through the Marine Corps Martial Arts Program after a messy break up.

When You’re Gone, Avril Lavigne

Avril Lavigne’s 2007 video for When You’re Gone features three different stories, with one focusing on a pregnant woman who fears for the safety of her husband being shipped overseas to fight. The video has a happy ending, but it always leaves us in tears anyways.

Some Nights, fun.

Trio fun. become Civil War re-enactors with their video Some Nights, with two story lines following soldiers on both the Union and Confederacy side. The devastation of war and its after-effects are shown through the stories, which include a young couple and a farmer.

My Hero, Foo Fighters

In the Foo Fighters Dave Grohl-directed 1998 video for My Hero, a man runs into a burning apartment building to save as many people as possible. The band are staggered throughout the building, with Grohl singing “There goes my hero / He’s ordinary”.