Watch Celebrities Team Up To Record Rachel Platten’s ‘Fight Song’

Fight Song

It’s election year south of our border and unless you’ve been literally asleep for the past few months, you know that things are heating up between the Republican and Democratic parties.

The outcome of the upcoming election will have a large impact on Canada and our shared borders and economy, leaving many Canadians glued to the news as they watch in stress-induced anticipation as the Republican National Convention and Democratic National Convention take place.

With the RNC over and the DNC underway, many celebs are making their voices and their choices heard. To support Hillary Clinton, who last night clinched the Democratic presidential nomination once and for all, a group of celebrities have banded together to perform Rachel Platten’s inspiring “Fight Song.”

Spearheaded by actor Elizabeth Banks along with Bruce Cohen and Mike Tompkins, the video features a number of Banks’ Pitch Perfect co-stars, as well as actors Mandy Moore, America Ferrera, Kristin Chenoweth, Jesse Tyler Ferguson, Jane Fonda, Julie Bowen, Aisha Tyler and Sia, who closes the video.

Clinton has played the song many times for crowds at the start of her rallies, and now she has her very own a cappella version.