Céline Dion Is The Kween Of ‘Wheel Of Musical Impressions’

Celine Dion Musical

Céline Dion hasn’t spent a lifetime performing to sold out crowds just to sit on a couch and do a few halfhearted impressions. The woman’s an *entertainer*. That’s why when Tonight Show host Jimmy Fallon invited the Grammy winner to play Wheel of Musical Impressions, Dion agreed. And then she slayed.

Dion did the usual Cher impression, which seems to pop up during every segment of Wheel of Musical Impressions, but then spiced things up with some twerking while performing “Row Row Row Your Boat” to the tune of Rihanna. Dion has some moves!

Where the Vegas singer really stole the show was during her impression of Sia, which included making her own wig on the spot and then addressing the crowd with her back turned. With her overpowering, larger than life voice, it can be easy to forget that she’s also really, really funny.

One big missed opportunity was for Dion to do a musical impression of Ariana Grande. A lifelong Celine Dion fan, Grande has shown off her aptitude for impersonating one of her favourite singers a few times on The Tonight Show. During her first late night talk show interview, Grande took on Dion’s “Beauty and the Beast.”

On a later appearance, Ariana played Wheel of Musical Impressions, where she performed The Weeknd’s “Can’t Feel My Face” in the tune of Dion.

Although Dion didn’t perform any children’s songs to the tune of Ariana, she did talk about how much she loves the former Nickelodeon star.

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