Chance The Rapper Takes Us To Church With New Release ‘Coloring Book’

Chance The Rapper released his third mixtape last night and the Twitterverse went crazy.

Chance 3, titled Coloring Book, stays true to Chance’s authentic sound, but also bears a resemblance to the gospel feel on Kanye West’s The Life of Pablo. It’s easy to compare Kanye’s “Ultralight Beam” and Chance’s “How Great”.

Coloring Book features an all-star roster of features including Kanye West, Future, Lil Wayne, and even our Canadian boy Justin Bieber who appears on the track “Juke Jam.”

Chance made his official entrance into the music scene in 2011 with the song “Windows.” Following the song’s release, he dropped his first full-length mixtape, 10 Day to Datpiff, which met a lot of local Chicago love.

But it wasn’t until his 2013 mixtape Acid Rap that Chance’s music began to gain major recognition, earning a spot on Billboard’s Top R&B/Hip Hop Albums, a Lollapalooza performance, and even a shout out from Rolling Stone magazine.

New music isn’t the only thing Chance is blessing us with today. To go along with his long-awaited release of Chance 3, the rapper also surprised his fans with some customizable merchandise. Chance fans can play around with different colours and logos and add them to the official Coloring Book t-shirts, hoodies, and hats. You can order your Chance The Rapper merch here.


What’s even greater about Coloring Book? It’s free! Check out the mixtape, available now on Apple Music.