Channing Tatum Gave Fans A Lap Dance Dressed As Well… Not Himself


Tue, June, 2 by

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Channing Tatum really is a real charmer and great talent. He flexed both his literal and acting muscles to go from strip club superstar to starring in an Oscar nominated film. He also has an incredible sense of generosity and humour. So to help promote his Omaze campign, Channing went to some ridiculous lengths.

Channing gathered a group of Magic Mike fans to see a special screening of the sequel while posing in costume as movie marketer Scott Housley. Before the screening, he interviewed some of the audience about the first movie including which actor was the best and which parts they want to see in 3D (hint: full frontal).

Once the audience is all seated, some sexy dudes appeared among the crowd and started dancing like the Xquisite Strip Club dudes. They invite weirdo Scott onto the dance floor and to the audience’s surprise he gets reeeeealllly into it. Full force twerking.

Check out the video below to see it all and find out what happens after Channing reveals his true identity. It really is worth your valuable time.

Channing’s Omaze campaign helps raise money for RUNA Foundation and gives you the chance to win a four-day trip to Los Angeles that ends with a ride to the Magic Mike XXL premiere with Channing Tatum.