Charli XCX And Mura Masa Team Up In Voyeuristic ‘1 Night’ Video

Charli XCX has just dropped her latest music video with the track “1 Night” and is continuing on her path to being one of the most exciting and boundary-pushing pop artists around.

The British singer recently debuted her latest mixtape Number 1 Angel, which features appearances from Uffie, ABRA, and MØ. The new collection of songs follows 2016’s Vroom Vroom and Charli XCX’s 2014 sophomore album Sucker, which dropped the same year the singer rose to the top of the charts with her infectious “Boom Clap,” off The Fault In Our Stars soundtrack.

Continuing to release a deep catalogue of tracks between albums and mixtapes, Charli XCX has just dropped yet another single only days after releasing Number 1 Angel.

Teaming up with producer Mura Masa, the duo have now released the single and music video for their track “1 Night.” Taking inspiration from dancehall with the use of steel drums, the track examines what happens when a couple want to turn a one night stand into something more.

The voyeuristic video follows four couples spending their first night together, first full of passion and then turning into mutual disinterest. Charli XCX appears throughout the video in a gymnasium where she and some of the actors shake it.

The new track is part of Mura Masa’s upcoming album To Fall Out Of Love To, with “1 Night” acting as the lead single. As for Charli XCX, the singer is expected to release her third album sometime this year.