Check Out Canadian Artists Covering Canadian Artists

We love Canadian musicians. Right now is one of the greatest times to be a musician in Canada, with the world more eager than ever to see what incredible songs are going to flow south from the true north next.

To celebrate Canada’s 150th, we’re taking a look at some of our favourite Canadian artists covering a few of our other favourite Canadian artists. CanCon to the max!

Original Artist and Hometown: Drake, Toronto
Cover Artist and Hometown: Shawn Mendes, Pickering
Song: “Fake Love”

Shawn Mendes showed some real love for the 6ix God when he performed Drake’s “Fake Love” in the BBC Lounge Live, giving the track a bluesy make over and showing off his MC skills.

Original Artist and Hometown: The Weeknd, Toronto
Cover Artist and Hometown: Alessia Cara, Brampton
Song: “I Can’t Feel My Face”

Alessia Cara and The Weeknd’s Abel Tesfaye are two artists from a similar slice of Ontario making very different music, but Cara’s cover of “I Can’t Feel My Face” has us hoping to two find themselves in the studio together at some point.

Original Artist and Hometown: Alessia Cara, Brampton
Cover Artist and Hometown: Sarah Blackwood (Walk Off The Earth), Burlington
Song: “Scars To Your Beautiful”

Alessia not only loves covering her fellow Canucks, but she’s received the cover treatment as well. Walk Off The Earth’s Sarah Blackwood put her own spin on the inspirational single “Scars To Your Beautiful,” enlisting the help of some very cute puppets to help her get across the message that being different is beautiful.

Original Artist and Hometown: Drake, Toronto
Cover Artist and Hometown: Lights, Timmins
Song: “Hotline Bling”

Solo singer Lights took Drake’s hugely popular 2016 track “Hotline Bling” and re-imagined it as an emotional heartbreaker of a track. ‘You used to call me’ never sounded so sad and so relatable.

Original Artist and Hometown: The Tragically Hip, Kingston
Cover Artist and Hometown: Arkells, Hamilton
Song: “My Music At Work”

The Tragically Hip are the quintessential Canadian band, with many of their songs telling the history of the true north. If we were to name a band today that is continuing with the tradition of finding inspiration in their own backyard, Arkells would be at the top of our list.

Original Artist and Hometown: Neil Young, Omemee
Cover Artist and Hometown: City and Colour (Dallas Green), St. Catharines
Song: “Heart Of Gold”

Dallas Green and Neil Young both know what it likes to be in successful bands and find success as solo artists, so it’s only fitting that Green covered Young’s 1972 hit “Heart Of Gold.”

Original Artist and Hometown: Alanis Morissette, Ottawa
Cover Artist and Hometown: Justin Bieber, Stratford
Song: “Ironic”

During his second appearance on Carpool Karaoke, Justin Bieber revealed that Alanis Morissette’s Jagged Little Pill single “Ironic” is one of his all time favourite songs. It is a great shower song, Justin.

Original Artist and Hometown: Paul Anka, Ottawa
Cover Artist and Hometown: Michael Buble, Burnaby
Song: “Put Your Head On My Shoulder”

For his 2003 self-title debut album, crooner Michael Buble paid homage to one of the greatest Canadian crooners ever and covered Paul Anka’s 1959 hit “Put Your Head On My Shoulder.”

Original Artist and Hometown: Sarah McLachlan, Halifax
Cover Artist and Hometown: Avril Lavigne, Napanee
Song: “Adia”

Before Avril Lavigne became one of the biggest pop stars in the world at age 16, she was busy covering musical greats like Sarah McLachlan at age 15. Lavigne revisited one of her covers during a TV special in 2007.

Original Artist and Hometown: Leonard Cohen, Montreal
Cover Artist and Hometown: k.d. lang, Edmonton
Song: “Hallelujah”

The late Leonard Cohen experienced success for both his music and poetry during his life, but it was k.d. lang’s cover of his 1984 single “Hallelujah” that marks a career high for both accomplished artists.