Check Out Our New Group Of Much Creators!


Say hello to Much Digital Studios newest group of creators! Just announced today, Much is adding eight incredible new creators to the Much Digital Studios family. The new crop of talent includes beauty experts, musicians, comedians, and even a former Olympic Athlete.

Check out all of our new creators below!


Shivani Sharma is a Toronto-based photography and beauty guru. Her channel ModernDayShivalry teaches viewers step-by-step beauty tutorials and also features photography tutorials as well! This beauty expert went all out for her video Kylie Jenner Transformation: Break The Internet Project. This video is not a step-by-step tutorial, but instead she did this video as a reality check for viewers to see what it really takes for a Kardashian/Jenner to look the way they do on social media.

Geekin’ Gorgeous

Toronto-native Karli Woods gets to play dress up as for a living. On her channel, she shares cosplay tutorials, makeup looks and convention coverage. Her video The Walking Dead Invasion: Exclusive Book Cover Shoot takes you behind-the-scenes of the latest book in the New York Time bestselling series by Jay Bonansinga. Last March she gave her viewers a look at what goes on during the gory shoot for the latest book cover.

Jaclyn Forbes

Jaclyn Forbes is Toronto-based actress who fills her channel with content about her greatest passions: makeup, pop culture and food. Jaclyn is a vegan that lives off a mainly high-carb plant-based diet and has a series on her channel showcasing what she eats on a typical day. What I Eat In A Day: Vegan (6) shows off her recipes for pancakes, an epic salad, and a coconut dish.


Alayna Fender hails from Winnipeg and creates content for her channel filled with cats, LOLs and LGBT+ hot topics. One of Alayna’s most popular videos is part of her series I Don’t Bi It, all about the stereotypes surrounding bisexuals. Why Dating A Bisexual Is Hard is a hilarious interview where Alayna talks to her boyfriend Dallas about what it’s like for him to be dating her.

Zak Longo

You might recognize this Toronto-based comedian from MTV’s Are You The One? But now, actor, director and comedian Zak Longo is taking over the Internet one video at a time. We have to love his Impressions Short video, where he impersonates everyone from Adam Sandler to Matthew McConaughey.

Laurier Lachance

Ottawa-native Laurier Lachance covers a wide range of genres spanning rock, pop, and hip-hop on his music channel. Every time this guy does an Eminem cover he kills it. One of his most popular videos is Eminem – 2 Shadys 1 Guitar [EXPLICIT] (The Real Slim Shady Cover) featureing Laurier performing with fellow musician Mathieu Paquin.

Alex Duckworth

This Olympic snowboarder documents her life as an adrenaline-loving sports enthusiast on her channel. One of her first videos showcases her province of Nova Scotia. This feature dives into how Nova Scotia has paved the way for Olympic snowboarders, since the introduction of the sport in the 1998 Nagano Winter Games a Nova Scotia snowboarder has yet to miss an Olympic Games.


Emilie Carrey, better known as Sparx, is Sudbury native making waves in the beatboxing community. She’s competed in world competitions, and was the first Canadian female to duke it out in the Beatbox World Championship. This beatboxer takes viewers behind-the-scenes of an epic beatboxing competition in her video Grand Beatbox Battle 2016 // Behind The Scenes. The talent these artists have, even when they’re not trying, will blow your mind!