Check Out The Must-See Moments From The 2015 Streamy Awards!

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Last night’s Streamy Awards were full of incredible musical performances, star-studded appearances, huge awards, and some questionable outfit choices. We’re looking at you, Miranda Sings.

If you missed last night’s fifth annual award show celebrating the best in the world of digital, fear not. We’ve got your must-see moments here!

Alessia Cara made her performance debut on TV with her breakout song Here, moving and sounding like a pop superstar who has been in the spotlight for years. Get it, gurl!

1 Aleesia

Prank Vs. Prank showed why they won the Streamy for Best Pranks by doing the old “break a beer bottle over your boyfriend’s head while you accept an award” prank. Hi-larious.

2 Pranks

Superwoman got a hug from Much Digital Creator and fellow Canadian Jus Reign on her way to the stage to accept her award for Best First Person Series and delivered a beautiful and inspiring speech.

3 Superwoman

James Van Der Beek gave the crowd his infamous “cry face” meme at 25 per cent power.

4 Van Der Cry

Kat Graham shushed the crowd that had been talking all night. Thank you, Kat!

5 Kat

Natasha Bedingfield showed off a new look that is definitely growing on us.

6 Natasha B

Future performed his song March Madness in front of Ferguson footage shot by people with their phones during the protests.

7 Future

Jus Reign rocked out to Future’s performance alongside Paula Abdul.

8 Jus Reign

Hailee Steinfeld informed us that wearing a colour-blocked jumpsuit looks like the most fun thing in the world.

9 Hailee

Flula compared winning a Streamy to feeling like a panda bear playing hockey with humans. Totally…

10 Flula

A Great Big World and Futuristic gave us the most emotional and passionate performance of the evening with We Hold Each Other.

11 Great Big World

Shay Mitchell gave us the biggest beauty inspiration of the night with her dark lips and choppy hair.

12 Shay Mitch

Finally, Sir Mix A Lot taking a selfie during his performance of Baby Got Back. We wonder if he has a special ‘Booty’ filter?

13 Sir Mix