Cher’s Top 10 Sassiest Tweets Of All Time


Aside from being an internationally acclaimed singer and actress, Cher could add being the Queen of Twitter to her list of talents as well. Since getting a Twitter account in 2010, this superstar hasn’t stopped bringing the sass into her tweets — and we’re so glad about that!

Today we bring you the starlet’s shiniest moments on Twitter. Here’s Cher’s top ten sassiest tweets of all time:

10. Cher speaks the truth about the Confederate flag and animal cruelty.

9. Cher shares her anger with the way the elderly type.

8. Cher dishes on how she’ll celebrate her birthday.

7. Cher even calls out whomever she feels is a wee bit rascal-ish. 

6. Cher tells us about her political views. 

5. Cher is her own favourite person.

4. Cher expresses her distaste for Sarah Palin.

3. Cher sometimes just wants people to calm down.

2. Cher would rather do WHAT than have Trump become the next American President?

1. Cher: Just talented.


We’re not sure who Cher is referring to in this Tweet because neither her previous or following Tweets mention who “them” is. Either way, she sasses things up when responding to a confused Twitter user.

Social media game on fleek.

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