Chris Hardwick Reveals Why He Owes Jon Stewart Big Time


Wed, August, 5 by


Unless you’ve been living in a cage for the past few months, you probably know that tomorrow night’s Daily Show will be Jon Stewart’s last. If you have been living in a cage, we’d love to hear your story so drop us a line in the comments and use code word “instant eggs” if you’re being held against your will and need some help.

Anyway, Jon’s impending departure means that newspapers, magazines, blogs and knitting club newsletters will be brimming with Stewart-related material aimed at making us feel good and sad about the situation. Since The Comedy Network is the OFFICIAL Canadian broadcaster of The Daily Show, it’s only fitting that they add to this mountain of reflection by offering you the following touching tale from @midnight’s Chris Hardwick, who they caught up with at Just For Laughs in Montreal.

After checking it out be sure to go back and watch as much Daily Show as you can ahead of tomorrow night’s finale. You’re bound to get into a conversation about it so you might as well know your stuff. And don’t forget to tune in tonight at 11E/8P on The Comedy Network when Jon will welcome Louis CK, who is probably the best comedian in the world for all you uninformed cage-dwellers.

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