Christina Aguilera Talks Britney And Justin And Sings With Melissa McCarthy In Carpool Karaoke

Christina Aguilera, James Corden, Carpool Karaoke

It’s been a minute since we’ve had a new episode of Carpool Karaoke, but it’s been even longer since we heard from musical superstar Christina Aguilera. What better way for both pop culture institutions to make their return than together?

Hitting the carpool lane together this week was The Late Late Show’s James Corden and Christina Aguilera, who teamed up for a primetime special episode of The Late Late Show. With Aguilera’s comeback (hopefully) imminent, Monday night’s special episode was a reminder that no note, no line, no harmony, and no run can stand a chance against the incredible vocal styling’s of Xtina. She’s back and she’s ready to slay.

The pair drove through the streets of Los Angeles while performing some of Aguilera’s biggest hits, including “Fighter,” “Beautiful” and the pop star’s break out single, “Genie In A Bottle.” It still is such a jam.

When it came time to get a little dirrrrty, Aguilera and Corden were joined by comedian and actor Melissa McCarthy, who took the reins on Redman’s rap. Of course? Of course. Aguilera makes a cameo as herself in McCarthy’s upcoming comedy Life Of The Party, so the pairing fits.

As always, Corden used his one-on-one time with a big name celeb who is trapped in a car with him to get the dish on the dirt we all want to know. In the case of Aguilera, that dirt goes all the way back to her Mickey Mouse Club days. Who liked Justin, who liked Britney, and who really messed up by not reciprocating Ryan Gosling’s crush? Sorry, Oscar-winner Ryan Gosling. Tsk tsk.

We’ve now had the comeback interview from Aguilera, the comeback movie role, and the comeback appearance on Carpool Karaoke. All we need now is that smash comeback album.