Chvrches Announce Album Title And Tracklist By Texting Fans

After three years of not releasing any new music, electro-pop band Chvrches is back in a big way.

Last month, they hit the reset button on all of their social media outlets and began posting cryptic teasers for what’s to come. On January 31, they dropped their first single from their upcoming record, “Get Out,” along with a video that lead eagle-eyed fans to a cool Easter egg.

At the 2:23 mark, the video feed in the top left corner of the screen zooms in on a toll free phone number. Curious fans who called were greeted by this eerie recorded message from Chvrches frontwoman Lauren Mayberry: “I’ve got no more time to hear what you think about me / Because all your words are so cold, so callous, so clean / I’ve got no more time to hear who you think we should blame / Because all your words are so vile, so vicious, so vain.”

Chvrches fans who called the number received text messages last night—the messages revealed a track number and song title, reading something like “Love is dead. Track 3 is called Deliverance. CHVRCHES xo.”

Now that the album title and track list have been revealed, the only thing missing is the release date. We’re heading back to the “Get Out” video to see if there may be any other hints we missed. In the meantime you can check out the complete Love Is Dead tracklist below:

1. Graffiti
2. Get Out
3. Deliverance
4. My Enemy
5. Forever
6. Never Say Die
7. Miracle
8. Graves
9. Heaven/Hell
10. God’s Plan
11. Really Gone
12. ii
13. Wonderland