City Girls And Cardi B’s ‘Twerk’ Video Looks Exactly How You Think It Would

Twerk, City Girls, Cardi B

Miami’s City Girls first rose to prominence when they were featured on Drake’s huge 2018 hit “In My Feelings,” which dominated the charts thanks to its catchy hook and viral dance craze. Now the duo are again teaming up with a major name in rap and showcasing another dance, this time around releasing their own single “Twerk” with Cardi B.

The trio are a match made in booty heaven, with City Girls member Yung Miami and Cardi filming a music video in Miami featuring some of the country’s best twerkers (City Girls’ JT is currently serving a two-year jail sentence for fraud). Yung Miami put out a call to fans in November looking for the best twerkers, with the promise of being flown (or flewn) to Miami and winning a huge cash prize for their twerking abilities. The new video, which we don’t recommend watching in front of your employers, teachers, parents, or anyone you wouldn’t watch a sex scene with, may be the most twerk-heavy video in the history of music, which is a lot considering its predecessors like J Lo and Nicki Minaj. Miley Cyrus also put her best twerk forward to mixed results.

Cardi and Yung Miami open the video in full body paint, twerking with dancers on a Miami beach and later a yacht before moving to land, where they twerk in and around the city, eventually crowning one especially talented dancer (and woman with high pain tolerance) the best twerker in the country.

Both the video and lyrics of “Twerk” make it NSFW, so viewer and booty discretion is advised.

The new “Twerk” visual isn’t the most shocking video Cardi B has released this week. The rapper was trending on social media on Wednesday after posting an expletive-filled video condemning President Trump’s decision to shut down the federal government and then force workers back to the jobs without being paid. Like Cardi said, she’s not sure what needs to happen, but something needs to happen and it needs to happen now. Yas Cardi.