What The Characters Of Clueless Would Be Up To If They Were 21 In 2016


Today marks the 21st anniversary of Clueless, the movie adaption of Jane Austen’s literary classic, Emma. At only 16, the film’s characters taught us many life lessons, like how to pull of a pleated plaid skirt, how to execute one-liners to perfection, how to accept the love we actually deserve…the list goes on and on.

Clueless ew get off me

We all know how the stories for the characters ended immediately after the movie, but unfortunately for us, we were never gifted with a sequel—just a TV series that actually aired on Much back in the day. In light of one of our favourite teen movies turning 21, we decided to re-imagine what Cher, Dionne, Tai and the rest of the gang would be up to if they too, were turning 21 today.

Cher Horowitz


At 21 years old, Cher would be channelling her inner Elle Woods and working towards getting into law school. Her and Josh would have had an amicable breakup, as he went travelling around the world in search of a cure for global warming. Cher’s signature Starbucks drink order would be a tall, half-caff, soy latte at 120 degrees and she would constantly instigate debates on 2016’s hookup culture. She’d also have a huge social media following, mainly due to her “Cher Cares” segment on her YouTube channel, Cher’s Life.

Dionne Davenport


Finding her footing almost right after high school graduation, as a 21-year-old in 2016, Dionne would be making a name for herself in the fashion world with her self-titled fashion line, Dionne. Her online business profits would be driven by celebrity Instagram plugs, but she would be aiming toward opening her very first boutique in Beverly Hills before she turned 23. She would also still be in a loving relationship with her boyfriend, Murray.

Tai Frasier


Knowing post-secondary school would never be her thing, Tai didn’t end up going to college. Instead, she joined a hipster indie band called Rose Quartz, which she’s now the lead singer of. With a unique sound and the incorporation of healing crystals in every lyric they write, Rose Quartz would have been recently highlighted as one of Billboard’s new artists to watch.

Christian Stovitz

Christian clueless

With the strict rule of Ubering everywhere, 21-year-old Christian would be an art student deeply interested in the history of art and design. His dream goal is to open an art gallery in New York City that garners more traffic than the MoMA. Christian would also have his very own YouTube channel where he would post fashion haul videos bi-weekly.

Amber Mariens

amber clueless

Travelling the world on her daddy’s credit card, Amber’s main concern at 21 would be gaining more Instagram followers than Cher. Though she’s about 10k followers behind, Amber truly believes that her tea detox and teeth whitening endorsements will do the trick.

Travis Birkenstock

travis clueless

After a brief culinary arts stint, Travis would have dropped out of school to pursue skateboarding full-time. Unhappy with the regulations on cannabis in the United States, Travis would take the opportunity to open a skateboard/dispensary shop in Amsterdam. The shop, however, would close due to the unknown whereabouts of Travis, who was last seen boarding a foreign boat while trying to catch Pokémon.

Murray Duvall


Obsessed with everything OVO Sound related, at 21, Murray would be attempting to do everything in his power to be just like Drake. He’d enjoy leisurely hoverboard strolls around Beverly Hills while listening to “Know Yourself” and pretending that he was actually in Toronto. Much to Dionne’s annoyance, most of their text conversations would end with a Drake quote.


elton clueless

At 21, Elton would most likely be at an Ivy League school wasting his father’s money and trying to make an impending lawsuit against him magically disappear.