Coeur De Pirate Talks About Singing In English And Her Personal New Album ‘Roses’


Wed, August, 26 by

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On her first album in almost four years, French artist Coeur de Pirate has done something she hasn’t done before: put out a record that is equal parts songs in English and in French. Our very own Liz Trinnear sat down with the singer (real name Béatrice Martin) to talk about this move towards English songs and why her new album, Roses, is her most personal one yet.

“I don’t know, I just had a collection of songs laying around and I thought, okay why don’t I just release them,” Martin says, regarding the songs that make up Roses. “I wasn’t even sure I was going to release a third album.”

When asked about the personal nature of these new set of songs, Martin says that she turned the tables and really directed the words back at herself instead of at others. “I was always blaming other people on my past records,” she reveals. “In this one, I’m actually talking about myself, which is a change, and realizing what’s going on, facing my insecurities, basically a bunch of letters I could’ve written to myself.”

Watch the full interview below. Coeur de Pirate’s new album Roses comes out August 28.