Watch Coldplay Ride Through The Streets Of Mexico City In ‘A Head Full Of Dreams’

Coldplay Bikes

After 20 years and seven albums together, Coldplay continue to be a band that sees music videos as an extension of their artistic vision. Today’s latest release is no different.

The band just dropped their Mexico City-shot video for “A Head Full Of Dreams,” the title track from their 2015 disc, and we’re ready to pack our bags and head for the border.

The video opens with the same audio clip from Charlie Chaplin’s The Great Dictator that the band uses to open their concerts. What makes the impact of the speech even greater in the video is the fact that we’re only months away from dictator-in-training Donald Trump possibly taking over the US. Not only that, but “A Head Full Of Dreams” is shot in Mexico City. You know, the place Trump wants to build a wall around? Remember America, don’t boo—vote.

Shot on a Super 8, band members Chris Martin, Jonny Buckland, Guy Berryman and Will Champion enjoy a carefree ride through the city and arrive on two wheels to their sold-out concert at the Foro Sol stadium.

The video was directed by James Marcus Haney, who was also behind the camera for Coldplay’s “Birds.” We assume that Haney, the documented concert crasher, was actually given a ticket for the show at Foro Sol.

The video for “A Head Full of Dreams” isn’t the first time the band has travelled for their new album. Coldplay go around the world in their incredible illusion-filled video for “Up and Up.”

They also headed to India with BeyoncĂ© for “Hymn For The Weekend” and hung out with fake gorillas somewhere in the jungle for “Adventures of a Lifetime,” but we’re pretty sure that’s a sound stage.