Coldplay Releases Freedo Remix Of ‘Up&Up’


Coldplay got their fans up this morning by releasing the Freedo remix to their hit single “Up & Up.” This tropical, upbeat version will have you imagining you’re sipping a piña colada on an island somewhere. Or maybe it’ll just have you looking forward to the weekend. TGIF!

The release of this remix comes only hours after Coldplay announced a special Blu-Ray edition of their latest album A Head Full of Dreams. This special 5.1 Surround Sound version is set to come out next week.

“The album was always conceived by the band as a dreamlike, kaleidoscopic sweep of music so it was fantastic to be able to take it to its furthest conclusion with a trip into the surround-sound dreamscape.” said Rik Simpson, the album’s co-producer and co-mixer.

Their seventh studio album, the psychedelic A Head Full of Dreams, was released this past December—soaring to the No.1 spot on the U.K. charts and to No.2 on the U.S., Canadian and Australian charts.

DJ duo The Chainsmokers also shared video clips of them in the studio with Coldplay’s Chris Martin earlier this week, teasing a potential collaboration.

The British band will continue their A Head Full of Dreams Tour on November 19, headlining the Global Citizen India Festival alongside Jay Z.