Watch Translucent Sea Jelly Conan O’Brien Wash Up On The Shores Of Themyscira


Thu, July, 20 by

It is still too soon to pinpoint the moment the nerds achieved victory in their centuries-old battle against the jocks. Was it The Return of the King’s improbable best picture win? The undeniable power of the Marvel Cinematic Universe? Children eschewing football pads for control pads?

Whatever the case may be, their achievement has brought legions of previously secluded nerds out into the open to freely express their fandom. In this new landscape, Harvard alumnus Conan O’Brien has enthusiastically embraced the dork side of the farce, goofing on all things geeky on his eponymous late night show.

Last year the fire haired pencil neck took his band of buffoons, and his band, to San Diego for Comic Con where he started things off with maximum madness, setting the tone for a week of genre-focused fun and guests.

Team Coco chose wisely this year by returning to the annual celebration of cool things in costumes, and once again made a memorable entrance by immersing himself in one of the year’s biggest films.

If you’re somewhere where you’re not allowed to watch video and are relying on the text of this post to fill you in on what Conan did, keep reading. If you’re here for the video and are impatiently reading this because you’re a completest and can’t help it, take a deep breath and scroll down.

Anyway, in the video Conan bails on an LMFAO-loving Andy and must find his own way to San Diego. After ordering a WWI plane from an app, Conan finds himself crash-landed on the isle of Themyscira, home of Wonder Woman, where a band of Amazons find him washed up on shore. Conan must prove he is a man and not a translucent sea jelly, but it’s tough when you’ve got the voice, and penis, of a child.

Check it out:

Tune into Much this week at 12E/9P for more CoCoCo fun (Conan Comic Con fun)!