Conan Crashed A ‘Magic Mike XXL’ Girls’ Night Out


Fri, July, 3 by


One of the most exciting movie releases this week has got to be Magic Mike XXL, the highly-anticipated sequel to the 2012 hit. Now, you may notice that this movie attracts a very specific type of audience: women. A movie about hot men stripping and dancing with Channing Tatum as the star? Yeah, we see the appeal. Conan may not be the movie’s ideal demo, but that didn’t stop him from crashing his assistant Sonya’s girls’ night out to see the movie.

Conan appeared confused at first at the appeal of the film’s stars Joe Manganiello and Kevin Nash. “He’s like a masculine Tarzan kind of guy,” Sonya says, in defense of Nash’s XXL poster. But Conan begs to differ: “He looks like a lumberjack who’s off his meds.”

After a few drinks, Conan also makes an attempt to do some Magic Mike dance moves and, well, you’ll just have to hit play below to see how that goes. (Spoiler alert: it’s not good, but seeing Conan try to hump the floor will make you seriously LOL.) The night didn’t stop there: Conan and the ladies hop into a limo, have some wings at Big Wangs and then finally head to a late-night screening of Magic Mike XXL. We’re not sure if Conan understood the movie, but we think the ladies definitely enjoyed it.

We encourage you to watch the full video below for a little surprise ending…

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