Conan Goes On A Mad Max-Style Road Trip Down To Comic-Con


Thu, July, 9 by


This week, Conan is taking his show on the road to the San Diego Comic-Con and while most of us would just drive from Los Angeles in a regular car, that’s not how Conan rolls. Instead, Conan took Andy and Jimmy Vivino’s band with him down Fury Road. That’s right, Mad Max‘s Fury Road.

The epic opening to last night’s episode found Conan, the crew cruises down to San Diego in a monstrous vehicle complete with Vivino’s band at the back, banging on drums, Andy driving the car as Immortan Joe and Conan as the flame-throwing, guitar-playing Doof Warrior. UH-MAZING.

Take a look below at Conan’s wild adventure down to Comic-Con and check out the full episode on now. Tune in to a new episode of Conan at Comic-Con tonight at 12E/9P on Much!