Conan Gray Gets Competitive In New Single ‘Checkmate’

Bedroom pop superstar Conan Gray has dropped his new single “Checkmate” and let’s just say it has nothing to do with chess.

According to the press release, “Checkmate” is a track that Gray wrote alone in his bedroom.

“It took about four minutes, and I just ugly cried out a whole song about this person I liked who was always playing games with my heart,” he said. “‘Checkmate’ was his way of saying ‘I’m done with these games. If you wanna play this game, I’m gonna win.'”

Lyrically, clever lines like “Building me up / But buttercup you lied,” or “So cry me a river till you drown in the lake” put the song on another level and show off Gray’s writing skills. Musically, the tune is fun and upbeat, with hints of early ‘00s pop-punk interspersed throughout.

Even the lyric video lets us see how talented this eboy truly is—he drew all the animations by hand. Do we stan? Yes we do.

“Checkmate” is Gray’s third release of 2019, having previously dropped “The Other Side” in February and “The King” in May. We’re not too sure as to when he will be releasing fresh new music, but we’re hoping to hear some when he embarks on his North American tour this fall. You can catch him at Rebel in Toronto on November 5 and at Vogue Theatre in Vancouver on December 6. Tickets can be snagged here.

Our favourite Texan sad boy was also recently in Toronto and visited MTV FORA to Set the Mood. Check out the video below.