Corporate, Broad City, And More Shows Making January Less Awful

Broady City, Star Trek: Discovery, Corporate, Drunk History, Deadly Class

January is kind of the worst, isn’t it? The holidays are over, the weather is going to get colder, desserts have been replaced with fad diets, and it’s dark at 4 p.m. Thankfully, there’s TV. What would we do without TV? Stare out the window at all the dark coldness, probably.

January is hella long (31 days feels excessive), but on MUCH that means 31 days for show premieres, returning favourites, and the beginning of the end of a beloved series. Fronds to the ond.

Check out the shows debuting this month that are making January less sucktastic.


Drunk History

Premieres Tuesday, January 15 at 10E/7P

Drunk History returns with new episodes starting Tuesday, January 15 and as usual the show is combining celebs, semi-accurate history lessons, and a lot of alcohol. Season 6 premieres with Are You Afraid of the Drunk?, which fittingly stars Canadian comedian Seth Rogen, along with Evan Rachel Wood and Elijah Wood (no relation). The trio will recount the history of Mary Shelley’s Frankenstein, with help from Will Ferrell as Frankenstein’s mother and Jack McBrayer as the poet Lord Byron. Hilarious, historical, and with just enough factual information to help you pass your book report.



Premieres Tuesday, January 15 at 10:30E/7:30P

Season 2 of Corporate, The Comedy Network’s irreverent series about working in an office, is back with a new seasons that’s darker, weirder, and even more hilarious than Season 1. Hampton DeVille office workers Matt (Matt Ingebretson) and Jake (Jake Weisman) are ready to move up the food chain, but with new responsibility comes new disasters, including office crushes, make-up for men, going out on a work night, and a new merger that has everyone worried. It’s so weird and so relatable.


Broad City

Premieres Thursday, January 24 at 10E/7P

It’s time to say goodbye. Although we’ll never be ready to bid adieu to our kweens Abbi (Abbi Jacobson) and Ilana (Ilana Glazer), the women of Broad City have about 23,403,034 projects in the works following the end of their groundbreaking YouTube sketch series-turned TV hit show, so at least we’ll still get our fix of the women. Plus, there’s the final season of Broad City to look forward to and the women are going out with a bang. In da clerb, we all fam.


Deadly Class

Premieres Wednesday, January 16 at 10E/7P on Space

Based on the Rick Remender graphic novel series, Deadly Class follows the lives of teens attending King’s Dominion, a high school that trains the children of famous mob families. Learning skills that will make them ruthless assassins who can one day take over the family business, the students in Deadly Class give new meaning to ‘surviving high school.’

Deadly Class premieres Wednesday, January 16 at 10E/7P, but you can watch the series premiere for free right now on and Space GO.


Star Trek: Discovery

Premieres Thursday, January 17 on SPACE

The hit Space series Star Trek: Discovery is back with Season 2 and not a moment too soon. When we last left the series, the Klingon War had come to an end and the Discovery staff were heroes, but just as the ship was preparing to travel to Vulcan to meet their new captain, a distress call was received from the USS Enterprise. Oh yeah, it’s time to get excited.