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Could Nickelodeon Be Reviving Classic Shows From Our Childhood?


Nineties kids, rejoice.

Yesterday, Nickelodeon’s president of content and development Russell Hicks, told Variety that they were, “looking at our library to bring back ideas, shows that were loved, in a fresh new way”

The network might bring back versions of classics like Hey Arnold and Rugrats, not necessarily full series, but possible in the form of movies and specials

While the word “reboot” might strike fear into your frail, TV-obsessed heart, we’re staying hopeful about the possibilities of our favourites coming back. Here are three classics we’d love to see return.


Rugrats highlighted just how misunderstood by our parents we were. We loved the antics these babies got into, the power struggles they faced with the dreaded Angelica and just how far they would go to protect their #squad.

Hey Arnold 

Arnold was a cool, tech-savvy, flannel-wearing kid with with a football-shaped head. The street-smart, eccentric, rag tag group of friends lived in an inner city surrounded by culture. Basically this show was Portlandia before Portlandia was a thing.


Doug was a normal, unpopular, awkward teen vying for a girl who was completely oblivious to his feelings. Essentially, we were Doug. We’d love to see Doug navigate school in the 2010s.