Courtney Barnett Goes On A Bizarre Elevator Ride With Sleater-Kinney And Jeff Tweedy In New Video


Melbourne artist Courtney Barnett has released a new video for “Elevator Opertator,” off last year’s Grammy-nominated Sometimes I Sit and Think and Sometimes I Just Sit.

Acting as an elevator operator in a double-breasted maroon uniform and bellboy cap, she goes on a wild ride between floors, finding herself on a beach, at a bowling alley and accompanied by eccentric groups of riders.

The video is sprinkled with cameos: the ladies of Sleater-Kinney play tourists, Wilco’s Jeff Tweedy is a banana-wielding chess player and a whole slew of Australian musicians—Camp Cope, Batpiss, Ouch My Face, The Finks and The Drones—make appearances, too.

Check out the video below to also see Barnett encounter nuns, a kangaroo mascot and plaid-clad farmers before making it to the rooftop, where her bandmates wait for her to plug in and rock out.