Creator Confidential: 10 Fundamentals To Make You A YouTube Star

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Other than a computer, a web cam and an idea, what does it take to become a YouTuber? Not a whole lot. But what does it take to become a YouTube STAR? Keeping up with our Creator Confidential series is a start. With MUCH’s VIP access to the creator world, we’re able to bring you tips, tricks and insider knowledge from successful creators across the globe.

For this instalment of Creator Confidential, we’re bringing you the 10 Fundamentals of YouTube. Consult these ten fundamentals every time you post a video, and your chances of making it big will increase ten fold. 



Shareability= viral video potential. Think about making a video that people will want to share immediately after watching it. What was the last video you shared on social media and what made you share it? People mainly like sharing videos that are funny, topical, relatable, valuable (like tutorials) and remarkable (like this)



Your audience will be the most important part of your success as a YouTuber. They are the ones who get you the views, who share your videos, who comment, like and subscribe. To build a relationship with your fans you have to talk to them- be authentic and create a dialogue with them. Try talking directly to the camera to make them feel like you’re truly having a conversation with them.



Audience involvement is a unique advantage of making YouTube videos, and just like your audience likes feeling that they’re part of the conversation, they also love to get involved. Ask your audience questions (what videos do you want to see more of? Should I get bangs?) and ask them to give you some ideas for future videos.



In order to build a loyal fanbase, consistency is a must. Consistency can either mean posting on a certain day at the same time or using a consistent format in your videos so your audience knows what to expect. Other ways to keep consistent are to feature the same personality in all your videos and to stick to whatever theme your channel is.



Define who your audience is. Is it a broad demographic (like college students or Drake lovers?) or is it more niche (like people who make tiny furniture). Either way, the more you can define your audience, the more traction you will get.



Where do you see yourself in 5 years? 10 years? If your answer is ‘making millions from my YouTube channel’, then sustainability is something you’re going to want to focus on. Make sure whatever you’re doing on your channel will be able to realistically continue on for years to come and hold your viewers interest over time.



Because YouTube is one of the most used search engines in the world, you’ll want to make sure you appear in searches relevant to you! Help make your videos discoverable by making ‘evergreen’ content whenever you can- “how-to’s” for instance draw in continuous traffic. Try using effective tags, titles and descriptions when posting and try to build trending topics into your videos.



Remember that it’s very likely most people may only discover a single one of your videos through a social feed, a search result or a related video, so you’ll want try and make each one of your videos as ‘stand-alone’ as possible. If there’s too much of a story for viewers to have to catch up on, they may not stick around!



On YouTube, the answer to the age old question- Why can’t we be friends, why can’t we be friends? – is always a resounding WE CAN BE. WE SHOULD BE. Speak to any of the most successful creators and they’ll tell you that the fastest way to gain subscribers is to collaborate with other creators who have a passionate fan base.



In other words, BE PASSIONATE about what you’re creating! Yes you want subscribers, yes you want likes and views, but first and foremost you must come up with an idea that sparks passion. If not, it will show through. Love what you do, and the fans will follow!


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