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Creator Confidential: Humble Beginnings

Creator Confidential: Humble Beginnings

Have you ever attempted to start your own YouTube channel and then quickly realized you had no idea what you were doing? Yeah, you’re not alone. Would you believe us if we told you some of YouTube’s biggest stars were completely clueless in the beginning? What if we told you some of them never intended on becoming famous, and now they have over two million subscribers (*cough*cough* Charlie McDonnell). Maybe you’d call that pure luck, but that doesn’t mean their struggles weren’t real in the beginning.

We caught up with some of YouTube’s biggest stars at the 2015 Buffer Festival in Toronto to get the inside scoop on the early (and embarrassing) days of becoming Creators. Not everyone knew what they were doing in the beginning, but whatever they did do, it worked!

Check out Creator Confidential: Humble Beginnings below to hear stories from sWooZie, Michael Rizzi, Estee Lalonde, Akilah Hughes and more! Plus, YouTuber’s share tip for new creators!

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