Creator Of The Week: Matt O’Brien


This week, our Creator of the Week is none other than Matt O’Brien—MUCH’s resident wise-cracker and event-crasher who keeps us in stitches wherever he goes. We’ve watched Matt spin comedy magic while interviewing people during his Late Night Talk Show On A Subway, slay stand-up and of course, crash everything—from TIFF, to Professor Xavier’s School For Gifted Youngsters to the Santa Claus Parade.

If you want to get to know this week’s Creator extraordinaire a little better, you can check out his Creator page and hilarious videos—or read our our, ahem, nosy chat below.


When did you decide to make a career out of comedy?

*Sneezes* Oh, jeez! Excuse me.

What was your first stand up joke?

*Sneezes* Ugh, I cannot stop sneezing, I’m sorry.

What’s the funniest internet video of all time?

*Sneezes* Wow, that was like three times in a row, sorry.

How many wigs do you own?

Wait, I think I feel another one coming.

Who was your favourite comedian growing up?

*Sneezes into armpit*

What’s the best and worst thing about doing standup comedy?

Do you have any Kleenex? *Sneezes*


What’s it like putting together a comedy routine?

Oh wow, I think it’s allergies or something.

Tell me a joke that has done exceptionally well. And one that has flopped.

Is there like a cat in here or something? *Sneezes*

Who would you love to interview on your Late Night Talk Show on a Subway?

A cat, or maybe someone’s eating, like, a peppered fish. That usually does it. *Sneezes*

By the way, why a subway?

*Sneezes* WOW another one! What’s that thing people say? Eight sneezes is equal to one orgasm?

Who are your idols?

*Sneezes* If that’s the case I’ve had sex, like, four times just now. I’m sorry,  I’m so so sorry.

There are many types of things that make people laugh. What do YOU think makes a good joke?

*Sneezes* JESUS.


Biggest celebrity crush?

*Sneezes* Please, kill me.

Which of your comedian buds should we check out on YouTube?


What advice would you have for young comedians looking to get their name out there?

*Sneezes* You have no idea what fresh hell this is.

We’re losing you to America – what are you getting yourself into there?

*Sneezes* WOW.

What do you want for Christmas?

*Sneezes* Actually, that one wasn’t too bad. Ok, I think I’m good now. How are you? Sorry.