Creator Of The Week: Moving Mind Studio


This week’s Creator of the Week spotlight is on the three friends, comedians and founders behind Moving Mind Studio! Ryan, Brandon and Samuel make up MMS— a young and energetic comedy team based out of Montreal, Quebec that creates hilarious and offbeat sketch videos. Having created sketch comedy together continuously since 2009, they have been featured on television, radio, web and print, and have even had their sitcom “Campus Law” picked up by Kevin Hart for his Laugh Out Loud on-demand network. Learn more about these cool dudes below, or check out their Much Creator page!

How did you guys meet?

Ryan: Sam and I met when we were little kids. He was actually friends with my sister first! We didn’t talk for years and years because he moved to Dubai, and coincidentally both developed a passion for movies during that period. We reconnected when he came back to Canada and we both studied film together. I ended up meeting Brandon through Samuel about eight years ago.

How did you get into sketch comedy?

Ryan: Sam and I were in university together around the time that The Lonely Island got really popular with their SNL Digital Shorts. We would crack each other up while carpooling to school, coming up with ridiculous situations and concepts.
Samuel: I was always being labelled as “the funny guy” in school. Making people laugh always came naturally to me. Then I picked up a knack for video production at school and Ryan and I decided to merge the two together and started filming random things that we found funny.
Brandon: I’ve always loved comedy. I participated in my high school theater show where I played a made up character called “The Ghetto Fairy.” It was amazing, and awful. I later discovered sketch comedy by watching Derrick Comedy, a sketch group starring Donald Glover back before YouTube existed!

What was it like getting a sitcom picked up by Kevin Hart!?

Samuel: It’s the first time where I wished the term “unbelievable” had a lot more impact than it does. First of all, to be selected in the top 10 amongst 500 submissions was an honour to begin with. When Kevin (I think we’re on a first name basis with him now, right?) said that he wanted to make our show, it wasn’t immediately met with all the cheers and applause you’d think. I think every creator in that room took a short moment to breathe and tell themselves, “What I’ve been working so hard to achieve just payed off a little bit.”


Who would you love to collaborate with?

Ryan: I really look up to Nick Kocher and Brian McElhaney from BriTANick, and would love to collaborate with them.
Samuel: Jonathan Taylor Thomas. Someone who was a young celebrity when I was a kid who isn’t that visible these days, I believe could make a really funny video that our generation would love. Or like Larisa Oleynik from The Secret World of Alex Mack, or the entire cast of Are You Afraid of the Dark?, or Alyson Court who played Loonette in Big Comfy Couch. A video with them would really make the internet rumble.
Brandon: So many people! I’d have to send you a separate email with just names. Does Donald Glover count? I know he doesn’t do sketch comedy anymore but I really look up to him and what he has made for himself. Also, Grace Helbig. I met her once, made a complete fool of myself.

What’s your all-time favourite snack when filming – i.e. filming fuel?

Ryan: I always associate pizza, chips and protein bars with filming. Things that make your heart go “Really, dude? Really?”
Samuel: You can’t get your hands too dirty because you’re handling equipment, so something like popcorn or certain chips can keep you going. My weakness is trail mix.
Brandon: Candy, candy, candy, chips and pizza. If there’s no pizza I’m out.

Who are your idols?

Ryan: Donald Glover, John Mulaney, Louis C.K.
Samuel: My idol, at the moment, is Philip Bloom. Watching his workshops and reading his blogs has really taught me a lot on the ever-changing terrain of filmmaking.
Brandon: Will Smith, Donald Glover, Kobe Bryant, Denis Villeneuve, Spike Jonze, Michel Gondry, Steve McQueen – the director.


What’s your pet peeve?

Ryan: People that steal jokes and content from hard-working creators without crediting them.
Samuel: A tie between people who walk slow, and hearing food being chewed in someone’s mouth.
Brandon: Inconsiderate people. Also, when people take my hat off. Don’t touch my hat, you scoundrel!

What advice would you have for young comedians looking to get their name out there?

Ryan: Just keep making stuff and get better at what you do. Don’t look for instant success, just keep working and improving!
Samuel: Just keep creating. Some things won’t work the way you want them to, but you just have to move on and keep going.
Brandon: Just keep pushing. When you feel you have nothing left to give, push some more. The universe has a funny way of making you really work for the things that are worth it. I guess it’s a way of asking you “how much do you actually want this?”. I should write a book…

Who’s the best at beer pong…

Ryan: I think it’s fair to say we’re all equally terrible.
Samuel: Someone who is not in Moving Mind Studio. We’re all horrible at it!
Brandon: Ha! That’s a joke, right? We are all equally horrible.

If someone has never seen your videos, why should they start watching now?

Ryan: They should start watching if they want to start (hopefully) laughing!
Samuel: Laughter is the best medicine, and I guarantee there’s at least one video on our page that will make you smile. And if you’ve found that video, I challenge you to share it so that you can share that feeling with someone else.
Brandon: Because if they don’t, somewhere in the world a puppy will shed a tear. You don’t want that, do you?