Creator Of The Week: RealisticallySaying


This week, our Creator of the Week spotlight is shining on another new member of the Much Creator family, and one we couldn’t be more excited about. Meet Kaitlyn Alexander—also known as RealisticallySaying—a hilarious and inspirational vlogger, actor and host who promises to bring big doses of laughter and, well, realness to their Much Creator channel.

We chatted with Kaitlyn about RealisticallySaying’s beginnings, their approach to vlogging and what we can look forward to.

How did you get into vlogging?
I was a really bored, overexcited theatre student with a bit too much spare time and a camera. Things were bound to happen.

What’s your goal in creating vlogs?
Just to make something that people can relate to, maybe have a bit of fun watching. If my vlogs can make someone feel a little less weird by looking at the weirdness I approach the world with, I’m happy.

Why do redheads rule?
Our lack of souls really lead for some diverse strangeness. We also have a fondness for all things ginger.

How do you decide what to blog about?
I wish I had a strategy, it’s mostly whatever I’m into that week.

Tell us about your Ginterviews and #RealisticallyPlaying series and why they rule?
Ginterviews rule because first of all, it’s the punniest title in the world, 2nd of all- a ginger interviewing people while drinking gin leads to some grade A shenanigans. #RealisticallyPlaying rules because I literally have no idea what I’m doing with video games, and also have a lot to say.


You sing and play guitar in your videos – what’s your favourite song to cover? How about a cover we can look forward to?
My favourite song to cover is “Can’t Help Falling in Love”, and a cover you can look forward to is “Here” by Alessia Cara.

What’s something no one told you/you didn’t expect about vlogging?
When you talk to a camera in public, people will 100% stare and also question your sanity. 10/10 would recommend knowing beforehand.

What’s your all-time favourite snack when filming – i.e. filming fuel?
A cup of tea and a Toblerone. Sugar + caffeine makes for great filming fuel.

Who are your idols?
I look up to a lot of people who are my friends in the YouTube community- two people I think of immediately are Alayna Fender and Mike Rizzi—they both stand for really awesome things on their channels and are two of the most creative people I’ve met.


What’s your pet peeve?
When videos take too long to buffer.

What do you look for in a friendship?
Someone who is as mutually strange as I am.

You’re a role model for the LGBTQ community000what advice might you have for a creative LGBTQ person looking to also become a vlogger/personality in the online space?
Just be yourself—there’s so many people out there just like you who will love you for who you are.

What’s a dream you have that you hope to fulfill in the future?
I’ve gotten to fulfill a lot of dreams recently, which I’m super grateful for. I think the biggest one I have would be to put up an original song with an actual like old-school type music video at some point. That would be rad.

If someone has never seen your videos, why should they start watching now?
I get drunk and interview people and am generally an oddball. It will make you feel better about your life—I guarantee.

Check out RealisticallySaying‘s videos now!