Daenerys Targaryen Is Forever Unimpressed

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When you’re Game of Thrones‘ Khlaessi, Mother of Dragons and you’ve put an end to slavery you’re probably going to come across some real fools. People who just ain’t worth your time. In fact you might even have developed a trademark ticked off expression over time. You may even have enough examples of you doing it to create a whole montage.

Well YouTuber G. Scott McG has made just that and it’s appropriately called, “Daenerys Is Not Impressed”.

To compliment his efforts we thought we would contribute with some scenarios that may have made Daenerys Targaryen equally unimpressed.

When you’re stuck walking behind the slowest walking person alive:

ezgif.com-crop (11)

When you finally finish getting ready to go out and you look hella good, then all your friends bail:

giphy (1)

When you find out Gerorge R.R. Martin isn’t writing any episodes in season 6:

giphy (11)

When you realize you and Kim Kardashian have the same eye roll:

giphy (5)

When all of your disciples want to reopen fighting pits but you already outlawed them:

giphy (4)

When the internet starts making videos about you being annoyed:

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Check out the original video here: