This Video Confirms Daft Punk Are Masters Of Sampling

It’s no secret that sampling is something of a cornerstone for French electronic music duo Daft Punk. But thanks to a new video edited and posted by the Daft Punk fan YouTube account Daftworld, it’s now easier to see both how often and how effectively the pair picks apart and uses pieces of songs to create their own catchy tunes.

Even though discussions around Daft Punk’s sampling history have been going on for a while (both online and off) Daftworld’s video highlights how obsessed the duo are with music from the ’70s and ’80s. Almost all of the samples featured in the video—even the bass samples—are taken from songs released between 1975 and 1985, many of which come from talented yet sometimes forgotten disco and R&B artists.

Of course, Daft Punk have also occasionally sampled songs from better-known artists like Bill Withers and Barry Manilow. In the case of Manilow, the pair decided to sample a section of one of his songs (“Who’s Been Sleeping In My Bed”) that actually contains lyrics (a rare move) for their 2001 track “Superheroes.” For another song, “High Life,” Daft Punk sampled soul group Tavares’ 1996 track “Breakdown For Love” and sped it up so much that its lyrics are indecipherable.

As the A.V. Club pointed out, Daft Punk’s recent album, Random Access Memories, is almost completely (and intentionally) sample-free. The duo wanted to work at producing their own beats instead of pulling samples from other tunes, which is totally fair. Either way, we’d love to see Daft Punk do a combination of both on their rumoured upcoming album, since they’re clearly one of the most innovative samplers in the music biz.