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Did Daft Punk Just Leave A Cryptic Message About A 2017 Tour?


On New Year’s Day, a random YouTube account uploaded a cryptic video that, in 51 seconds, managed to send die hard Daft Punk fans into an investigative frenzy.

YouTube user 4162016211411 (416, represent!) uploaded a video that features the sound of a roaring crowd and that robotic, Daft Punk voice chanting “Alive,” over flashes of the pyramid artwork from the duo’s last live album Alive 2007. Outside of the French DJs’ regular (sparse, but acclaimed) discography, Alive 2007 was the band’s second live album, after Alive 1997. If the pattern maintains, this video could be indication that the possibility of an Alive 2017 tour is indeed alive and well.

Taking the analysis one big, speculative step further, Reddit users decided that the large block of numbers in the video’s description could amount to GPS coordinates for 2017 tour dates. Some Reddit and YouTube users have already called the video’s bluff, pointing out that these “GPS locations” are the same as those that appeared on a mysterious page on the 2016 Lollapalooza website. They also noted that if the code does translate to tour dates, Daft Punk could be playing in unlikely places like the African desert.

Realistically, it’s likely we’re getting Daft Punk’d here—but hey, we’re not putting anything past those geniuses.