Dan Mangan Makes His Band Do The Dishes While He Takes Out The Garbage


Mon, March, 9 by


When Dan Mangan and his band decided to change the name of the group from just Dan Mangan to Dan Mangan + Blacksmith, it seemed like a natural transition for the guys. When Dan and the rest of the band came through Much for an upcoming Much Office Session, we found out what the motivation was behind the switch.

“It got increasingly weird to be playing gigs and it was just my name and it was just my picture. I think we felt more and more like a band. It was really liberating for me to actually finally say, ‘yeah this is a band,'” Dan said. “It sort of eased up some tension I think that was there in terms of, ‘what is this?’ Now the guys are held more accountable to it too. They’ve got more ownership over it.”

But there is another perk they may not have initially realized according to Blacksmith member, Kenton Loewen. “I do the dishes more. I’ve been dusting. I do the laundry,” Kenton said laughing. “We all have our chores and it’s based on allowance so there’s incentives.”

“I hate vacuuming but luckily Kenton is into vacuuming. I take out the garbage,” Dan added.

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