Check Out TheDanocracy’s Top Four Back-To-School Tech Accessories

If back-to-school season means we get to shop ’til we drop, count us in.

Before it’s time to go back to hitting the books, Much Digital Studios Creator TheDanocracy (aka Dan Rodo) teamed up with The Source to bring us a haul and unboxing of four must-have tech items.

From a Samsung Galaxy tablet decked out with Microsoft Office to Google Home, which works as a speaker, dictionary, calculator and game show host, Dan shows off the coolest products that are fun to play with and functional as back-to-school accessories. But that’s not all—he’s also giving away one of each of the products he features in his video! Watch his unboxing below, and follow Dan on Instagram and Twitter, use the hashtag #DanBTS and tell him why you want to win to enter!