31 Days Of Holiday Awesome: The Darcys Cover Mariah Carey’s ‘All I Want For Christmas Is You’


In the evolution of Toronto rock duo The Darcys’ artistry, fans have been gifted a wide array of sonic shades—proving the band’s not only willing to, but very capable of, stepping outside the box.

With their first three albums, we became accustomed to the moodier art-rock Darcys. With their most recent, retro-kissed release Centerfold—their first since trimming down to a duo and undergoing a brighter aesthetic refresh—we’re getting to know electro-pop Darcys. And today, Much is bringing you the holy grail of exclusive festive treats in the form of Mariah Carey-covering Darcys. That’s right, they went there—and we’re into it.

Mariah Carey’s 1994 song, “All I Want For Christmas Is You,” has become easily one of the most widely known and loved holiday hits of all-time—boasting nearly 50 cover versions, all doing the song varying levels of justice, from artists like Shania Twain, Michael Bublé and Fifth Harmony. What you won’t find in the list of covers are many artists who stray from the song’s original ingredients—which is why The Darcys’ inventive, soulful spin is breath of fresh air. Below, Wes and Jason tell us a little about this brave holiday feat.


So, of all the Christmas songs, why Mariah?

Wes: This was the only holiday CD that we had around when I was a kid. Come December 1, it would be on repeat for the entire month. I’m not sure if I grew to love it or hate it, but it drove me crazy and considering that I’ve probably listened to it as much as anything else it seemed like the obvious choice. Nothing against “Silent Night” or “O Come All Ye Faithful,” but all those songs are about immaculate conception when all we really want a is a little something else for the holidays.

Jason—in The Darcys’ Much Office Session (coming soon!), we watched you cover Foreigner, so it’s safe to say you’re giving your vocals a little flex lately. Was tackling this vocally-challenging song scary?

Jason: Last Christmas, I was at a dodgy karaoke bar getting drunk with Leah from July Talk, and she signed us up for this song. It was completely out of my range and I pretty much had to yelp my way through it. Not necessarily wanting to share the sounds of that experience with the general population, we had to rework it a bit it to fit The Darcys’ vibe.

You sound like you have what it takes to go down more of a neo-soul route. Any other genre experimentation we can look forward to?

Our favourite thing to do is to mash two or three completely diverse influences into a song. Tomorrow it might be neo-soul meets French pastry meets Law & Order, which could either turn out incredibly well or be a day of work we have to delete so nobody can ever find it. Experimentation is how we create and I’m really excited for the new music we’re working on.

Let’s daydream and say Mariah hears this and demands more. What’s another ‘90s R&B song you think you could slay (sleigh)?

Brandy and Monica’s “The Boy Is Mine”? Duos, represent. Stay tuned.

What do you guys want for Christmas?

Wes: Goldmember. A hypothetical Fender Jazzmaster guitar that I have imagined but haven’t yet built. Hint: Nearly every surface is gold. Donations welcome.

The Darcys’ “All I Want For Christmas Is You” is available this Friday, and stay tuned for The Darcys’ Much Office Session soon!