Dashboard Confessional Cover Bieber And The 1975 On Surprise EP


Dashboard Confessional have returned to the music scene with a surprise new EP of covers, which takes on some of the hottest contemporary pop and indie songs today.

The four-track mini-album Covered + Taped includes emotional acoustic covers of Justin Bieber‘s “Love Yourself,” The 1975’s “Sex,” Julien Baker’s “Sprained Ankle” and Sorority Noise’s “Using.”

“I love covering great songs by great artists. These are some songs I feel very connected to right now. Enough so that I felt I had a way of making them my own in some small way,” said frontman Chris Carrabba in an interview with the Alternative Press.


Carrabba became the poster boy for a new generation of emo fans in the early 2000s with his debut performance on the MTV Unplugged series. In 2003, Carrabba returned to radio and MTV with Dashboard Confessional and their 2003 hit single, “Hands Down,” which peaked at No. 8 on the Billboard charts. The band went on to record “Vindicated” for 2004’s Spider-Man 2 soundtrack, a song that rose to No. 2 on the charts.

Dashboard Confessional launched their intimate U.S. club tour this week in Boston, and you can check out the rest of their tour dates here. Listen to Covered + Taped below.