Through The Years: David Bowie On Much


Following the loss of David Bowie, we’re taking a look back on this icon’s lifetime of achievements. From his best quotes, to best fashion looks to his many, many,accomplishments in the realm of pop culture, there is no shortage of milestones and memories to look back on when it comes to this artist.

For this memorial, we’re looking back at all the of Bowie’s appearances at Much. Check out the videos below.

Much will be celebrating David Bowie this Sunday, January 17th with a special 24-hour marathon dedicated to the legendary icon. Featuring two new specials, David Bowie: Five Years, a BBC documentary, and Bowie On Much, a collection of David Bowie videos and interviews, the marathon will begin at 6 a.m. and run throughout the day in honour of the his extraordinary life as a musician and artist.

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