Daya Reveals Exclusive Details About Her New Music


After bursting onto the music scene when she was only 15 with her debut single “Hide Away,” singer Daya followed up the success of her first single by teaming up with the The Chainsmokers and taking home a Grammy for Best Dance Recording for “Don’t Let Me Down.”

Now four years after first hitting the charts, Daya is preparing to launch the second phase of her career and experiments with new songwriters, sounds, and sonics.

Sitting down with Much, Daya says that fans can expect new music soon and they’ll be hearing some they haven’t yet from the solo singer. “I’m just really excited to put out new music that I’m a part of,” says Daya. “I’ve been writing for the past six months with my new label and a bunch of amazing, talented songwriters. I feel like it’s kind of taken a little bit of a different direction sonically from my older stuff and that excites me. It’s the music that I’ve always wanted to make.”

Daya dropped her debut album Sit Still, Look Pretty in 2016 and is preparing to release her sophomore album. “Every day I go to the studio and say, ‘how can we make this as weird and different sounding as possible,” says Daya. As for when fans can hear new music, Daya hasn’t revealed a specific date, but is keeping her followers in mind. “I’m just really excited to show my fans.”