De La Soul And Snoop Dogg’s ‘Pain’ Is The Definition Of Laid-Back ’90s Hip Hop

De La Soul has released their new single, “Pain” and it’s everything a ’90s hip-hop lover could ever ask for.

The trio is currently preparing for their Kickstarter-funded album release titled And The Anonymous Nobody, their first major music release in 12 years. To promote their upcoming album, yesterday De La Soul debuted their new single, “Pain,” featuring Snoop D.O. double G.

“Pain” is smooth and ’90s-esque, incorporating mellow rap on top of a guitar-driven, groovy beat. De La Soul and Snoop rap about what it means to be in pain, but do so in a manner that makes us want to dance about it.

Formed in 1987, De La Soul were prominent in the ’90s hip-hop world. De La Soul are highly respected for their quirky lyrics and innovative sampling, especially on their debut album 3 Feed High and Rising.

De La Soul’s And The Anonymous Nobody is set to drop on August 26 and rumoured to feature appearances from 2 Chainz, Estelle, Usher, and more.