Deejdesign Challenges Wendel Clark To A Denim Showdown


Thu, August, 11 by


When diehard Leaf fans hear the name “Wendel Clark”, they think of bone-jarring hits, deadly slap shots, knockout punches and that hat trick in game six of the ’93 conference finals against the Kings. What shouldn’t be overlooked is Wendel’s style, including his signature moustache, blood-soaked jersey, and penchant for denim.

We’re sure Wendel would look amazing in the new Leafs jersey, available at the Toronto Maple Leafs Store powered by Real Sports Apparel starting August 24, but is his jean-centric wardrobe suitable for the stylish streets of modern Toronto?


Much Digital Studios Creator Deejdesign recently sat down with the Leafs legend to talk style and the TML Design Challenge where CAFA, Mitchell & Ness, and the Toronto Maple Leafs are searching for two local designers to create a Leafs-inspired capsule collection for men and women. If this sounds like something you’d be into, check out the contest, sketch your ideas, and be sure to enter before the September 26 deadline. Watch Deej’s video below to get inspired by one of the most celebrated Leafs of all-time, and don’t overlook denim! It’s a natural fit with the classic blue and white that makes the Leafs look so iconic.