Dembabies & 4 Other Things We Hope Mariah Carey Brings to Vegas

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It has finally happened. Mariah Carey is moving to Caesars Palace on May 6 AND she will be performing eighteen of her number one hits! Woo!

Now that we have all the songs we can ask for, the question is what else do we hope to see?

Here are 5 things that came to mind.

1. Dembabies

Yes, we want to see Dembabies. There is nothing wrong with some Moroccan and Monroe Cannon as intermission entertainment. The twins made an appearance at one of Mariah’s concert in New Zealand back in November, and it was adorbs. After you watch this video of Roc and Roe singing into the microphone and talking to the crowd you will understand why we want to see more of them. Maybe a Moroccan and Monroe duet?

2. A Family Reunion

We don’t only want to see the babies, but we also kinda want to see Nick Cannon. Too much to ask for? Well, after the recent split we want a final happy family memory before the anticipated custody battle starts.


3. The Wild Curls

Is it just us or does everyone miss the luscious Mimi hair? Back in the 90’s it was rare to see Mariah with tamed hair, and now that’s all she seems to have. If Mariah is planning on taking us back through her old tracks, we believe she needs to do it justice and bring the curls along.


4. Dance Moves

No, we don’t want to just see her hands moving around, we want to see what we saw, oh, way back when Fantasy was pumping. Even though it still might be a favourite, there was a time when it was even more popular. Check out Mariah’s sexy moves and of course, the hair we were talking about.

5. The Glasses

Yes, Miss Queen Diva does love her sunglasses outside and inside, so we are going to do something for her. We say, bring the sunglasses, why not? Lets be clear. This is advice for Mariah only. Though, there is one condition. All of the above requests need to be met before she can put the sunglasses on. Thank you.


By Maria Henao