Demi Lovato Says ‘Yes’ To Jesse Williams In ‘Tell Me You Love Me’ Video

Demi Lovato, Jesse Williams, Tell Me You Love Me

Using a wedding as the backdrop to a music video is nothing new. We’ve seen Mariah Carey, Beyoncé, Guns N Roses, Maroon 5, No Doubt, Pink, Madonna, Katy Perry, Carrie Underwood and more walk, run and sometimes flee down the aisle in six minutes or less. But in Demi Lovato’s new music video for “Tell Me You Love Me,” the singer brings an unfiltered and raw look to what happens before you say yes to the dress and choose a wedding colour.

Lovato’s latest release is the title track from her sixth studio album, which dropped earlier this year. Starring opposite Grey’s Anatomy actor Jesse Williams, the two play a stunningly beautiful couple who are either fighting in the bedroom or having sex. Honestly, they look good doing either.

Williams struggles with Lovato’s friendship with an ex, with the PG13 video earning its rating moreso for the couple’s language than their bedroom activities. Lovato loves to keep it real. Prepare for the f-bombs.

Even with the jealousy, Williams proposes to Lovato and the two proceed to have a picture-perfect wedding…almost. A song this dramatic isn’t getting a Hallmark ending to its music video.

Lovato went meta with the music video wedding, casting her best friends as the bridal party. No word on whether the minister that married the couple was real or an actor, but we wouldn’t rush for an annulment from either the bride or groom.

“Tell Me You Love Me” is the second official single off Lovato’s latest album following her high energy “Sorry Not Sorry.”