We’re Hiring! Here’s How To Become The Ultimate Digital Intern


If you’re looking for the absolute best place to fulfill your internship credit for college or university, look no further. We’re hiring a fall digital intern to work on the following Bell Media brands: MTV, MTV FORA, ComedySpace and CTV. As long as you read the rest of this post, that intern could be you. But before you send us your résumé, here’s a list of all the things you need to ask yourself before applying.

Are You Eligible?

We exclusively hire students seeking internships as a part of a university or college program. So as long as you’re in school, looking for placement in exchange for credit or a grade, your dream of interning at Bell Media is still alive. Keep reading.

Are You A Strong Writer?

Writing is a huge part of this internship. We’re looking for creative, driven individuals who have a unique and engaging writing style. Grammar game must be on point. Experience with WordPress is a plus. If you run your own blog, send it to us. If your Twitter jokes are fire, link to your account in your résumé.

Do You Love To Internet?

If you want to intern here, you have to be obsessed with the Internet and pop culture. Do you have a favourite meme? Which of Beyoncé’s twins do you identify with most? What are your predictions for the season finale of Game Of Thrones?


Is Your Resume Ready?

Similar to long weekends, free food and new Twitter followers, a well-written resume is something we love. Make sure the writing and grammar is impeccable, have a professional e-mail address (we will make fun of your decade-old @hotmail.com address), limit it to two pages and make the information relevant (we don’t care if you worked at a sleepaway camp summer of your freshman year, sorry).


What Other Brands Are You Interested In?

Sharing is caring in our office, and we want to share your talents with the rest of our team. Like we said, our interns will also contribute to MTV, MTV FORA, ComedySpace and CTV. Feel free to let us know which brands you’re most interested in, but be prepared to work on all of ’em.

Now, the only thing left to do is apply. Email your cover letter and resume to digitalcontentinternship@bellmedia.ca with the subject line “Digital Entertainment Content.” Good luck!