Disney Just Started Casting A Live Action ‘Kim Possible’ Movie

Kim Possible was a true trendsetter—she changed our perceptions about what a modern teenage girl could do and become, somehow made crime fighting alongside a naked mole rat look cool, and revolutionized ringtones forever (face it—we’ve all tried out Kim’s infamous beeper chime at least once). So it’s only natural that the writers and producers who brought Kim Possible to life reintroduce her at a time when female empowerment and women’s rights have become major points of discussion.

This week, Disney Channel announced that a live-action Kim Possible movie is currently in the works. The news isn’t a total surprise—during a special 15-year anniversary interview last year, Kim Possible voice actors Christy Carlson Romano (teenager slash butt-kicking crime fighter Kim), Will Friedle (Kim’s best friend and sidekick, Ron Stoppable), and Tahj Mowry (Kim’s hyper-intelligent assistant, Wade) told MTV News that they’d be interested in joining a hypothetical Kim Possible reboot.

Plus, Kim Possible fans have always been fiercely loyal—the show made history when fans successfully convinced executives to renew it for a fourth season, making it the first series to break Disney Channel’s contentious 65-episode rule. But remake rumours and theories come up constantly, which means we were still amazed when we found out that Kim Possible: The Movie will really and truly be a thing.

Fortunately, the project is in good hands. According to Variety, Kim Possible creators Mark McCorkle and Robert Schooley will help write and executive produce the movie, meaning that the reboot (hopefully) won’t turn into the disaster that was the Fairly OddParents live-action film. Blythe Nailling, who helped put together the Faking It, The Shannara Chronicles, and One Tree Hill casts, is in charge of finding a Kim, Ron, and Wade worthy of filling Romano, Friedle, and Mowry’s shoes. Fans have already chimed in with their own casting ideas, with many suggesting that Disney hire Bella Thorne, Stranger Things’ Sadie Sink, Riverdale’s Madelaine Petsch, or even Lindsay Lohan to play Kim.

Courting A-list actors and plucking performers from Disney Channel’s current roster of stars may be tempting, but we think the network is better off assembling a cast of relative unknowns. Kim has seen and done things other teenagers could only dream of, but she’s still also a regular Nacho-eating, brother-teasing, boy-crushing high schooler. And this is just a hunch, but watching Lindsay Lohan fight off Drakken and banter with Ron might get a little distracting.

Apart from waiting for an official cast announcement, we still have a ton of questions about the movie. Will Kim and Ron still be together? Drakken and Shego will likely show up, but what about Duff Killigan, Señor Senior, Sr, and Señor Senior, Jr? Will the O Boyz make an epic comeback? Will Disney digitally insert Rufus onto Ron’s shoulder? We need answers as soon as possible. But as long as Disney keeps assuring us that Kim will remain her confident, smart and determined self, we think we’ll be okay for now.