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Dive Into This Shark Hole In Honour Of Shark Week 2015


Fri, July, 3 by


We cannot get enough of sharks. They are the most alluring, terrifying and mysterious creatures on planet Earth. They are held up in pop culture as the ultimate villain from the animal kingdom but are actually more complicated in real life. Sure they are nature’s greatest killing machines but they also are so beautiful giants of the ocean.

Okay, okay they also are the source of THOUSANDS of incredible YouTube videos. So many that we have invented the “Shark Hole”. Like the click holes we are all known to fall victim to while browsing the internet, a Shark Hole is time lost while going deeper and deeper into the shark web. One shark video leads you to another and another until your afternoon is gone.

We spent some time this morning doing exactly that (for our job!!) and this is what we came out of.

Let’s start with one of our favourites. Sharks as far as the eye can see while looking off the edge of an oil rig. No thank you!

…lead us to…

Little Bitty Boats and Big Sharks Don’t Mix? No Ish, Sherlock

…lead us to…

The Safest Shark Beaches In America. We will take the non-shark beaches, cool?

…lead us to…

The Shark Whisperer. This woman is our idol. Although we wouldn’t swim alongside a giant shark, it sure looks majestic. Also, her name is OCEAN!

…lead us to…

If we are going to put humans in cages with sharks, we have got to design a better cage.

…lead us to…

We love us some Mythbusters and when they test out shark myths we are more in than ever. Here they test out the theory that sharks can detect one drop of blood in a swimming pool full of water.

…lead us to…

Good Mythical Morning brings us “6 Strangest Things Swallowed By Sharks”. One word: Cannonball. How did it get there??

…lead us to…

Not every shark video on YouTube is a horrifying shark encounter. Check out the Top 10 shark movies!

…lead us to…

Rapid fire terror. 7 shark sightings in 60 seconds. Can we descend deeper into this Shark Hole and make it back alive??

…lead us to…

This shark finds out what we have all wondered, what does an inflatable boat taste like?

…lead us to…

Let’s end this shark hole on the Jaws ride at Universal Studios. The ride has been closed down (this video was taken on the last day) but thankfully we can sail along in the comfort of our desk chair.

This year marks the 20th year of SHARK WEEK on Discovery Canada. Amazing right? Clearly the most wonderful time of the year.

The whole terrifying and informative week starts this Sunday, July 5 and goes through Friday, July 12 on Discovery.